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School to the Rich & Famous... well you'll have to take our word for it as we would never kiss and tell.

School to the (just as importantly) not so rich and the happily unknown.

Set up & still run 22 years later by the same Anglo-french team, we know what you're looking for and try to deliver with a little French 'je ne sais quoi!'.   

Teaching skiing isn’t rocket science, but different people need a different approach,
that is why one of the most important things in a good teacher is adaptability.  
Our wonderful mix of instructors from Britain, France and much further afield, swop teaching techniques to offer you something varied and effective.
Chosen for teaching, motivational and communication skills (rather than just their skiing ability, which goes without saying).
With exclusive English language groups it helps that a fair percentage of our team are native English speaking.
The rest of the team’s English has been individually assessed by a language institute to an internationally recognised standard (with the best results in the area).
I think we can safely say Instructor-Pupil communication is good and you should get a fair sized helping of humour thrown in.
We offer the friendliness of a small team but the flexibility of a much larger one.
With teams in Courchevel, La Tania & Meribel we have a good sized pool of instructors, with some movement between teams to help swell the ranks where needed.

You are currently visiting the Magic MERIBEL website - if you are interested in lessons in COURCHEVEL or LA TANIA then please hit their link.





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