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What We Like About This Build : Gaming PC Setup

Building your gaming PC setup is the best way to personalize your computer to be a place of honor, where you want to feel comfortable playing games with friends and family. However, building a gaming PC setup is not as simple as just throwing together some parts and putting it together. Designing and assembling your own PC gaming system can be difficult but rewarding. Here, will give you step-by-step instructions on building your ideal gaming PC setup, allowing you to add that personal touch to your gaming build.

To begin, choose your gaming PC setup. As a pro gamer, you will need to have the best graphics cards and sound card, a sturdy processor, RAM, a good hard drive, an optical drive, and a video card. These pieces of equipment will play a huge role in your gaming experience, so choose carefully. You want everything to be working together smoothly. In this guide, will give you the most important factors to consider when choosing the components for your gaming pc setup, and giving examples of good components that would work together, proving their worth as a functional gaming unit.

If you are a hardcore gaming PC gamer, then you might want to look into a wired controller, a gaming laptop, or even a gaming notebook. A wireless mouse is also a great idea, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time away from your gaming pc. Many professional gamers like to use a gaming notebook because of the mobility, while others prefer a wired controller because of the accuracy required.

Another important piece to building your gaming setups is a high quality video cable, whether it is video upgraded or DVD for Blu-ray gaming sets. Good video cables will enable your gaming setups to run at the highest possible frames rate, giving you great smooth hand motion while playing your favorite games. It is also very important to take note of your audio setup with your gaming setups. If you have a stereo system that came with the gaming machine, then you can just leave it out and buy a better one.

Lastly, we like to know how much storage space we will need with our PCs. This factor will determine what gaming unit you should get. If you have a large number of media files and data on your machine, then you should go with a gaming tower, where your processor, graphics card and hard drive are all integrated into one unit. For those who only have minimal media files to play with, then a gaming compact unit such as the iPAQ’s or the Aion’s are ideal.

So, what we like about this build? It seems pretty solid, if we look at the important components that dictate a good gaming PC setup. There are also minimalistic yet efficient design, minimalistic yet powerful components, minimalistic yet powerful cooling solutions and efficient power solutions. The cooling solution is something that might concern you though, as some of the smaller NZX boards will overheat when there is a lot of heat on the CPU. The other factors that define a good gaming PC buy are the number of USB ports, video cards and other peripherals and the amount of networking capabilities.

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