• Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

The Family With Two Daughters – Love Them Equally

How do you relate to the family with two daughters? There are many women in this world who have married men they barely knew, raised two boys and still cannot get their family values to allow them to live a happy, guilt-free existence. How do you feel when you see your family with two daughters – each one more confused and unhappy than the other? Do you think that family with two daughters is like an episode of “perate Housewives” where the mother’s family struggles andlicts over money while the mother’s family lives in utter bliss?

Love is the fundamental emotion in all families regardless of size or color. It is hard for any family to survive without it. If you love your family members equally then there is no reason why your family with two daughters cannot survive. Your daughters may not agree with your family’s rules but if you love them equally and value their individual differences, then you will do what is best for them, irrespective of who does what to whom.

As mothers, we understand that our children grow up faster than we do. It is therefore important to do as we say – from our heart, not from our purse. It doesn’t make sense to live in a family with two daughters where one acts as if they are the star of the family while the other is neglected. It is not fair to the child either.

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