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Success Guaranteed for NISM Equity Derivatives with Mock tests

ByPuneet Kumar

Sep 14, 2021 #NISM Equity

Working in the stock market or the big finance companies is the dream of many young people. If you are already planning to prepare yourself for a career in the IT sectors, finance institutes, or opening your own stock broking company, the certification from NISM for the NISM Equity Derivatives is almost mandatory.

Our team at PASS4SURE is going to provide you with the complete guidance and support necessary to clear the exam. As you know that our team is continuously working on releasing updated question banks, you can join us today and be a part of the team of aspirants. We can guarantee that you will clear the test on the very first attempt.

Proves your excellence

A long resume with the list of your educational qualifications become meaningless at a point when you are competing with hundreds of other candidates with professional degrees and certifications. The NISM certification is important as it is like the most precious feather in the cap.

The mention of the certification will be enough to prove that you have a professional mentality and are capable of serving the responsibilities at a high designation. Although many institutes provide the training for the exam, our platform for the mock tests at PASS4SURE becomes the ultimate tool to success.

Thorough knowledge about equity derivatives

The stock market and the world of equity is a vast field, and you have to know about the market. That is why the mock test is crucial as it explores your knowledge, practical application, and integration of knowledge in the practical field.

Facts about the question bank

The NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test is exactly the same as the original test of NISM.

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • The total duration of 120 minutes
  • You have to answer 100 questions
  • The total marks is 100
  • To pass, you have to secure 60% marks

But if you are practising from our question bank, you can easily score well above 60%.  

Cost-effective program

Many of you shy away from the mention of the fees. It is obvious that you have to pay a certain fee for the exam. But do you know exactly how much we charge? You have to pay only a subscription fee of 499 rupees for the Question Bank of NISM 8 Mock Test. This is meagre to the salary you can acquire if you add the certification to your resume.

Revision is vital 

At PASS4SURE, the best help is the last moment revision test.

  • We have come up with a Last Day Revision test plan where you get to evaluate yourself for the very last time through 3 tests and get the best tips possible.
  • Real Feel timed exams to provide you with 600 top questions of the session.

Being the best

We provide answers with explanations to every question. So you will find it easier to remember the logic and mistakes. The NISM Equity Derivatives Study Material is perfect for the preparation. We have explained the points thoroughly to make you understand the concept better. Be a part of the team to enjoy the privileges.


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