• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Important STI Testing Procedures

Most people who have been drinking for some time, know that they have a tendency to get STIs, or sexually transmitted infections. Over the years, there has been a great increase in STI testing procedures, as more people are realizing how easily they can pass these infections back and forth to one another. Of course, the most important thing for any couple to do before having any testing procedures done, is to make sure that their partner is also up to par with having an active sexual life and is able to treat an infection when it does arise. If a person is not able to abstain from sexual intercourse while their partner is treated for an infection, then it is highly recommended that both be treated simultaneously.

One of the most common STI testing procedures is the saliva swab test, where a small sample of the person’s saliva is tested to see if they have been infected. In this type of test, the tester will swab a small amount of the infected region on the person’s tongue and test the color of the liquid that is collected. Most people do not like this procedure, as it is messy, and not a very reliable method of determining STIs. Another type of examination commonly used for determining STIs, is a blood test. In this procedure, a small drop of blood is drawn from the person’s arm and sent to a lab for analysis.

The next procedure used for STI detection is the genital Warts test. This type of examination is usually only done if a person is positive with an STD. In this procedure, doctors break up a small piece of the wart and put it in a lab dish. After a few days, a doctor should be able to identify the presence of the virus. All of these procedures can be performed at the office, or in a laboratory.

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