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Business and Marketing Curriculum Explained

ByPuneet Kumar

Sep 12, 2021

Introduction to Business and Marketing offers the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary for successful careers in business and marketing. Students begin researching careers and roles which business and marketing play in today’s global society, gain an understanding of how business and marketing work, and learn about product placement and marketing. The program focuses on the integration of business and marketing concepts into the learning environment of today’s businesses. The core curriculum emphasizes core subjects such as business and marketing, entrepreneurship, economics, information systems, and interpersonal communications. This program serves the needs of students with an executive degree in business and marketing, graduate, undergraduate or masters degree in business and marketing, as well as other professional or non-profit pursuits.

Fundamentals of Business and Marketing. Students learn the basics and key concepts of business and marketing through the foundation courses in Business and Marketing. The business and marketing core curriculum includes basic management topics such as financial accounting and business valuations, financial reporting, budgeting and financial analysis, and customer marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and target markets. These core courses also include topics that help students identify the problems in business and marketing, explore alternatives to traditional business and marketing models, and develop comprehensive business and marketing plans. The first year business and marketing courses explore topics such as legal protection of intellectual property, marketing products and services, pricing practices, advertising and public relations, government regulation of business and marketing, managing financial resources, and managing the business and marketing cycle. The third year core curriculum focuses on strategic planning, identifying competitive advantages and potential threats, creating and managing organizational structure, identifying financial goals and objectives, and developing a corporate culture.

Core Curriculum. Students who sign up for Business and Marketing can expect to take all the required general education courses. Those who sign up for more depth study programs are usually required to take electives, which include business and marketing courses in the following categories: human resources, management, operations, finance, and information technology. Students will also have the opportunity to choose electives in business and marketing practices, communications, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and technology.

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