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Bachelors in Business and Marketing

ByPuneet Kumar

Sep 12, 2021

Business and Marketing offers the essential foundational knowledge and abilities students require for successful careers in business and marketing. Students begin researching various roles and functions which business and marketing play within a global economy, develop a thorough understanding of the global marketplace, as well as developing product placement and marketing techniques. The curriculum within Business and Marketing will focus on the concepts related to business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The business and marketing programs offered by York are designed to prepare students for positions in senior management or managerial positions. Students will be prepared for executive level positions, from product planning and design to acquisitions and mergers. Graduates will also be prepared for entry-level positions such as store manager, finance manager, marketing manager, business analyst, and human resources manager. York’s program strives to equip students with the ability to communicate effectively and develop an ability to negotiate and motivate. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate to decision makers, effectively manage multiple tasks and organize information in an effective and efficient manner.

Students considering a Bachelor of Business and Marketing Degree should have strong academic aptitude, a passion for business, a strong interest and commitment to learning, and the ability to manage time and multi-task. Prerequisites to enter York’s program include high school senioritude, English Composition, and a brief course history of business and marketing. Students can complete their Bachelors of Business and Marketing degree in as little as nine months. For more information on graduation preparation, admissions requirements, and terms of the program, students should contact the business and marketing department at York. Graduates will find employment opportunities in a variety of fields including advertising agencies, franchisors/developers, software companies, consulting firms, retailers, government agencies, hospitals, and other businesses.

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