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ACCA Course Helps You to Kick Start a Global-Centric Career Option

ByPuneet Kumar

Jan 22, 2022 #ACCA Course

If you want to improve your knowledge in the Chartered Accounting department and also plan to bag an international job later, then ACCA Course is the best module that you need to focus on right now. ACCA was founded in the year 1904 and is considered the oldest global accounting body. It is providing its esteemed students with ACCA qualifications.

Right now, this global body consists of 200,000 members and enrolled 486,000 students in over 180 countries. Among the count, around 15,000 students hail from India. So, going through these statistics, it is one of the largest accounting bodies globally.

This headquarter is located in London, and it has been working through a professional network of more than 100 offices. Over 7100 approved employers have accepted the ACCA qualification, and India is within that list. This ACCA qualification is completely recognized worldwide, and it also has Mutual Recognition Agreement with multiple countries. So, make sure to get enrolled in Classes for ACCA in Mumbai right now for a bright future ahead!

The scope of ACCA courses:

Much like the CA course in India, the ACCA course is recognized globally in over 180 countries. There are over 7100 approved employers settled with a truly global career. Once you have enrolled in the classes, you can be a part of that count anytime.

  • ACCA courses are here to present you with easy job accessibility in major sectors, ranging from manufacturing to banking and more.
  • You can try out multiple career opportunities from Fund management to Statutory Audits and so much more.
  • There are various leading accounting firms that are always looking for well-trained and knowledgeable ACCA members. So, once you have the certificate by your side, you will be called up to these international firms any day.
  • In the same way, most of the major MNCs would like to have a good presence of ACCA members and students to improve their business value.
  • There are so many Indian companies, which had in the past and still now hiring people from the ACCA department for their business improvement. So, you might want to try out these plans now!

Once you have been a part of ACCA Institution and have the right certificate to prove your worth, you don’t have to look back at all. There are so many important Indian and global companies looking for candidates just like you. So, make sure to get enrolled in the course right now if you want a bright future ahead.

More on the syllabus and course module:

The syllabus from ACCA Institute in Mumbai is categorized into three levels and those are knowledge, Skills, and Professional. Overall, there are 13 ACCA papers for the students to cover.

  • The Knowledge section will have 3 ACCA papers, Skills will have six papers, and the professional level will have four papers, among which two are compulsory and two choice-centric.
  • The course is here to offer a diploma in Accounting & Business, an advanced diploma in Accounting & Business, and a professional-level certificate.

So, join hands with the best ACCA institute, and you can kick start your career from this source right away!


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