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Ski Levels



How does your skiing ability fit into our levels?


Whatever level you are please be aware that we "harmonise" all our group lessons, both adult and children, on the Sunday and Monday to make sure that everyone is in the most appropriate group for their ability.


For snowboarding levels please click here.





Levels Description of existing Ability at beginning of week Previous experience Kids medals at end of week  
0 First time on skis none or a few hours Little Mousy / Snowman  
1 Basic snowplough turns on easy greens 1 week Mousy / Green Mouse  
2 Competent on green runs and some easy blues 2 weeks Super Mousy/ Bronze Mouse  





OLDER ONES (6 year olds +) and ADULTS





Levels Ability at beginning of week Previous experience Kids medals at end of week
0 First time on skis or limited dry slope experience None or a few hours White Rider / Crystal  
1 Basic snowplough turns on green slopes 1 week  Green Rider / Bronze Crystal  
2 Snowplough turns on blue runs, starting to parallel on greens 2 to 4 weeks Blue Rider / Silver Crystal  
3 Parallel turns on blue slopes, need to improve technique to keep parallel turning on steeper slopes 3 to 5 weeks Orange Rider / Vermillion Crystal  
4 Competent parallel turns on blue and red slopes, loss of technique when it gets steeper or icy At least 5 weeks Red Rider /  Gold Crystal   
5 Confident on all type of slopes At least 8 weeks Black Rider / Diamond  
6 Freestyle and Freeride level Confirmed skier

All Mountain Rider 

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold


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